Saturday, January 5, 2008

Waiting For Shirdi

Getting into an avoidable tangle, Rani Mukherjee is stuck in a property case in Shirdi. The hearing for the case was conducted on 31 Dec 2007. Mukherjee was duped of Rs 33 lakh in a land deal in Shirdi in Ahmednagar district.The actress bought a plot in the pilgrim town, hoping to build a house but was duped into paying for land belonging to the State Farming Corporation. The plot is yet to receive the required government clearance.The actress had bought 1,100 sq mt of land near Nimgaon Korhade at Shirdi, 271 km north of Mumbai, in December 2005 from More for Rs 33 lakh.The Corporation had given agricultural land slightly above a hectare, on a conditional basis, to Raman Kshirsagar, a farmer, in 1977. Kshirsagar sought non-agricultural status for part of the land to set up a brick kiln. Although the status was granted, Kshirsagar carved up the land and sold it to 17 buyers instead of setting up the kiln. One of the buyers was More, who in turn sold it to Mukherjee.


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